We Take the Friction Out of Business

Does your team need "Frictionless" Training?

In today's Business world, Businesses are fighting to get above the clouds and not be a part of the crowd. Many are offering what they consider to be "the next big thing". Some are looking to wow the market with their expertise, some with their technical prowess, some with their "guru" status.


Truth is, you can only reinvent the wheel so many times before someone realizes it's still a "wheel". It may be a better one than the last, but if the market waits long enough, an even better one will come along. 


So, how does your company differentiate itself then? How does it stick out from the crowd without sticking out like a sore thumb?


You're in the need for a competitive "edge" that will keep you in the marketplace and keep your customers loyal while keeping your operation and employees just as loyal if not even more. This takes removing the "friction" out of Business.


Frictionless Training, sometimes referred to as "soft skills" training, is an enhancement, or "addition to" normal operational training that would be company specific. Think of it this way; you want to do business seamlessly right? This takes getting the "friction" out of the equation.


What "friction" you ask? The one that slows your operation down due to bluntness, sarcasm, inappropriate conversations, insensitivity to others, Lack of self leadership or self discipline, Meetings that don't necessarily have a real direction, lack of tact or ability to introduce, even a poor handshake can cause "friction".


And that's just internally...can you imagine how awkward it can get between your company and your customers or clients?


This is where taking our training helps remove that "friction". 


It is said that change begins "at home". That couldn't be more true than in business. If you have issues with client relations, perhaps it's time to look inward to your own "house" and see if any of the symptoms above apply. If so, our training programs can help eliminate that friction by getting you and your team ready for production by showing them the skill sets, philosophies and guidleines that will help create and keep rapport easily. Once you and your team have been trained internally, it will show outwardly. 


When Clients and customers sense your sensitive to their needs, they have a tendency to continue to be loyal and communicate their needs so you can continually service them. Internally, your employees and executives will have a much better communication flow where each is not just resonsible and accountable for their own responsibilities but become more vested in the total success of the company as a whole. 


When someone feels good about returning to work the next day and they know that they will be respected, heard, and treated well, they will be more open to offering suggestions for improvements, for new potential products or services that customers may have shared with them due to the rapport they built using frictionless training. In all, you have the foundation to increase your business' bottom line.


Using Frictionless Training to enhance your existing training program can increase your bottom line Customer and employee retention. As a stand alone training it can build a foundation or cement it with new skill sets that will only improve you and your teams ability to perform and produce more. 


Call today to find out how Frictionless Training can increase your competitive edge.